Dear Andjela, last Saturday you gave me a healing because I had to undergo an egg puncture due to IVF. Today three eggs were passed through the puncture and that for my age 40+. During the healing I felt the baby's heartbeat in my stomach. It was so beautiful to feel the baby in my belly during the healing! Amazing experience. The healing did me well and in the hospital they also said that there have never been so many eggs from a 40+ woman. Healing to get pregnant via IVF is highly recommended! Guaranteed success. Andjela, you are the best ever!


04-08-2020 - 11:52h

Dear darling ❤️ How blessed I was that you appeared on my path! For 4 years in vain I have tried to get pregnant...

But you have connected me with my baby through a pregnancy healing and after a few weeks, I am now really 5 weeks pregnant !! Unbelievable!

I am so grateful that you guided me in this. The peace you give me and how much you know !! Truly a miracle ...


25-06-2020 - 19:54h

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