Private consultation with cards (love)

Medium Andjela uses different types of spiritual cards. She lets her cards speak to her in combination with her clairvoyant, clairvoyant and clairvoyant gifts. Andjela has a strong intuition and can clearly sense people.

She can do different card readings for you with different cards. With her analytical skills she can quickly find the missing link to, for example, solve problems, such as a pattern that you constantly encounter, which makes it difficult for you to move forward. Her strength is to convert the negative into the positive so that positive energy can be worked on for the future.

Her specialization is love laying, with special cards that she combines with each other, she can clearly see what is going on between two people and what is to come for the future. She can see how the other person feels about you and what the person feels for you. For this she only needs the name or possibly a photo. She has a lot of knowledge about "soulmate relationships".

Soulmates healing

Medium Andjela works from the fifth dimension (5D) and because of this she can bring you closer to your twin soul. She does this during a healing.
She connects the energies coming out of the 5D together for the highest universal plan. In this dimension there is no longer any place for fear and it will therefore be transformed into love on 4D. At this higher level of love you are in touch with your higher self. This allows your twin flame to connect with you to merge unconditional love with your soul, because that is what the soul longs for: from unity to wholeness!

How does this healing work?

An enormous high energy is activated for this healing. This energy comes from the planet Sirius and carries the silver frequency of 1111.

An energy from the heavenly realm is used to cleanse your energy. This energy is the source of the divine energies, bringing you back into contact with your true essential you. This breaks down a piece of ego and this is necessary to receive a higher vibration, which has a healing effect on all chakras and your energy field.

Why is this cleaning so important?
Cleaning your energy is necessary, because you often still carry old pain and old experiences from your previous relationship. You may be taking these old energies and projecting them into a new relationship. This allows you to run into old patterns and old pain, such as the feeling of fear, rejection or not being worthy of yourself. You may also think that you are not entitled to this great happiness or that you no longer believe that true love still exists. This has an impact on the connection with your twin flame and then miscommunication occurs. You notice that you end up in the endless feeling of repulsion and attraction. This is because you do not understand each other because you are on a low vibration due to all the bad experiences you have gone through. Because you are in this low vibration, you can experience the relationship as toxic. In order to clear these energies and to no longer experience confusion, this cleaning is necessary. The feeling of wanting to perform and the feeling that the other has to meet you completely disappears because of this vibration.

Results after cleaning

The energy will come more from equality. This warm energy is love and love doesn't demand anything. She gives unconditionally and she receives unconditionally. This is what will make your soul grow and flourish. You dare to reconnect with yourself and the other from all chakras.

This energy makes you a magnet for your twin flame. Your twinflame will recognize you as his / her twinflame, because you radiate light like a twinkling star that will recognize and acknowledge your twinflame in you. You will carry a softer and more loving energy with you as your thoughts come to a higher vibration. This will work like a magnet on your twin flame, because your vibration also affects the chakras of your twin flame. This will provide the ultimate sensual passionate twin union that your soul has longed for for so long!

Spiritual Ladies Night

Together with your friends or acquaintances, this evening will undoubtedly be an intense and unforgettable evening.

The foundation is laid by the convergence of all energy whereby consultations are held in a casual and free environment where the energies can flow freely so that a warm and magical atmosphere of feminine energies is created together.

Everyone will receive a reading on this evening and questions can be asked that you would like an answer to.

Andjela uses her cards and angel board game, this board game can be asked on different life area questions such as work, love, health, inner child and personal development.

But also questions such as: I plan to move, how will this affect my work, my family or my friends / family? Or when will I move? When do I meet my soulmate? All questions may be asked.


Andjela works with Angel healing. This form of healing opens the heart chakra and helps you develop spiritually. You can compare your heart chakra with a lotus flower that opens leaf by leaf. This is how this healing takes place layer by layer. If you are sad or have experienced disappointment, close your heart chackra. Every time a petal. The lotus flower will close completely at some point.

During this healing, energy is released from the angels and your guides. This love energy removes your blockages. This Angel Healing will bring you back into your own strength so that you will radiate more self-confidence. You can stay closer to yourself and view the world with compassion. You also learn to look at your former self with compassion. How you were then and reacted. You can also view your relationships with others from compassion. So that you are less likely to feel personally attacked and your relationships remain pure.

The healing guides you to a higher consciousness so that you grow spiritually faster.

Business advice

Medium Andjela can help you on a business level.

You can think of advice about employees, collaborations, acquisitions or other things that can play a role in the workplace. She can also give you commercial advice in finding new clients and new work.

Do you notice that you are not progressing in your work? Do you want something different? Or are you not completely sure about your career? Please contact Andjela for a personal consultation and advice.