Spiritual guidance of children / the family

Because spiritual children today are more intuitive than rational, they like to think in shapes, colors and feelings. The way they talk you notice that they have great inner wisdom and that they live by feeling.

Because children are hypersensitive, they receive many stimuli from their environment. These stimuli can be experienced by children as anxious or annoying, because the child sometimes does not know what to do with all these stimuli. This can cause the child to show striking behavior, this is a signal from the child that there is a need to be heard.

Andjela guides children to be there, but also that the child learns to accept himself with the gifts that the child has.

Andjela makes a heart connection with the child, which gives the child the space to tell his fears through words or telepathic images. Her goal is to convert these fears into forces so that the child can work on the life purpose for which it came here on earth.


Sometimes there may be a healing. During a healing, the child goes into another dimension in meditation, where Andjela can transform the child trauma from fear / sadness to love. (for example after illness or divorce) Andjela will come home with this guidance, so that the child can be in his own familiar environment.

Family coaching

Children can often feel misunderstood in a family or feel that they are not being heard. As a parent you do not have to feel guilty about this, because this is because of miscommunication between parent and child. Often parents sometimes want to chew or do too much for the child. In addition, parents often want to keep the child "small". Do you notice striking behavior in your child? Like, for example, not wanting to sleep in their own bed or are children currently experiencing a divorce from their parents?

In addition to children, Andjela guides the whole family, because the family can grow through collaboration. The child may then exhibit the striking behavior, which makes it seem as if the child has an individual problem, but there is almost always a family dynamic and therefore a family problem.

Andjela uses special cards to clarify and clarify the emotional life of children. This can sometimes be confrontational for parents, because it can also reveal the "wrong" behavior of parents. If the family recognizes this, the child will be relieved and individual problem behavior disappears.