Before pregnancy

If you want to become pregnant and you always seem to not succeed, Medium Andjela can make energetic contact with the soul child and see and feel what it takes to connect with the future mother and soul child energetically.

She can see on the basis of the aura color of the soul child how far the pregnancy is still and which connection can still be energetically supplemented.

This is done from a warm loving angelic energy that will immediately feel like recognition.

During pregnancy

Andjela receives messages from your baby in your belly, she can tell you through the baby what kind of spiritual child it will be and what you can pay attention to during the education of the child, what life goals it has and why the child chose you as a mom , all mothers have a karma with their child.

If you feel that it is difficult for you to make contact with your unborn baby, Medium Andjela can connect your baby's aura to your aura. As a result, the baby will experience the mother's love even more and the bonding process will be promoted even before birth.

The child teaches you what your life purpose is here on earth. During this contact, you will also look at your development as a mother. If you still have life lessons to learn during your pregnancy, Andjela will guide you so that you are ready to take care of your baby with all your love and dedication.

After Pregnancy

Healing after the birth of your child

Have you had a difficult delivery and does your baby cry a lot? Or do you have difficult contact, or does breastfeeding not go smoothly? Can't remember where to look for it? Then Medium Andjela can make telepatic contact with your child.

Andjela then becomes the bridge between mother and child, she can then express what your child may be suffering from. It is quite common for a child to experience birth or pregnancy as traumatic. Your child may have been stuffy, trapped, or entangled in the umbilical cord.

During a healing Medium Andjela feels what the baby is suffering from. For example, it may be that your child has a pinching feeling in the energy: She then opens the aura of your child, so that aura colors are released, the child can ground and your child experiences the healing as a rebirth.

Another common example is that a child experiences birth again and again, so that a child often cries. During the healing Andjela telepathically takes the child to another dimension, where the soul of the child can heal. (rebirth).

As energy moves to another dimension, healing takes place. The grief makes way for joy and receiving love. The child feels more comfortable and safer in its own aura and feels grounded at home.