The female body is seen as a goddess temple that is sacred. Herein lies a great sacred inner power source. This has an all-encompassing primal power, a soft warm energy source lives in it and it is precisely this energy source that can give life. Many women of age have often had sterilization done for some reason.

This sterilization has resulted in the woman no longer feeling connected to her own body. Many women experience it as if the energy that was there is gone and can get symptoms such as being depressed, fatigued quickly, etc.

These symptoms are because the first and second chakras are disturbed. These two chakras represent earth and connect and receive. When these energies disappear, it feels like you have ended up in a hole, this feeling can be taken away by medium Andjela by replenishing your energy with a womb healing, so that the energy that was there before sterilization bring it back, so really think of the energy that is replenished, not the uterus itself, but the energy that goes with it.

The result will be that you find yourself as a woman again, that your feminine feelings will become your own again, so that you can restore the connection with yourself and thus find a connection with everything that is again.